Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wandering Eyes

How many times when you were dating your significant other did you wonder if it was for real? When did you know you got a good egg or a bad one? Hopefully you didn't stick yourself with a smelly one. Or at least if you did you make them wash once in awhile.

What I'm saying is that I tried to call everyone I knew to shout this awesome present I got from my husband last night.

He and I were talking about explicatives around our children. The fact that we have to filter areas b/c our two year old is a repeater and to a point we have control over who and what is said around them.

Well then he tells me that day at work he was offered free lunch by his boss to go for a "psuedo-meeting".

When they were about to leave one of his co-workers walked up to him and said I guess you aren't going. He says yeah I'm going after all. Then he said where they were going. It was one of those boobie hang out the butts restaurants with the good hot wings ya know the one I'm talking about?

Well when he heard that, my HUSBAND tells the guys he's sitting that one out. The co-worker asked him why he wasn't going and he said he had his wife at home to look at. He didn't need to set himself up to look at anyone else but me.

I was like what??????

How much worth did that give to me? Can we say brownie points????

So I just had to shout out to the rooftops in blogworld how amazing of a husband I have. Give props to your man for the things they do for you out of pure love.

God is good.

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