Saturday, August 9, 2008


I just have to say tonight would have been reality show gold. It was hilarious. I started out the day getting my hair highlighted. The hairdresser asked me have anything big up today? What kind of question is that for a stay at home mom? Well lets see. Do you really want to know? I'm going to have snack time at 9:30. Spend time reading books we got. Practicing writing our ABCs. And then it's on to lunch of figuring out what he'll eat. Will it be mashed carrots? Or quesadillas? Or will I get an Eww at the end of this sweaty canvas of lunchmaking. Seriously. That's how it feels sometimes.
But I didn't say any of that. I just told him. No. Just spending time with my son. My life is great.
Such a blessing. So we took a nap went to church. Hung out with my mother'inlaw. Good times.
Come home. About 9:30 p.m. doorbell rings. What the heck? We never get visitors this late. My next door neighbor is telling us something is wrong in our backyard. What could it be?

The power line was one fire! That's right. The power line was on fire!
So I asked my husband oh so eloquently. What should we do?
He responds....CALL 9-1-1.
The numbers that elude us anytime we actually need it.

Did you notice that? When he proposed tome ..I mean my husband, I watched countless proposal stories. When the time came, I knew I would be oh so suave. NO I WASN"T. I went Oh MY GOD<> WOW>

So here I am. I run in. Stumble aroudn for my phone. Thinking if I should get my son and hold him for dear life. I have the window open as we speak. Just checking now and then. GRRRR. I didn't ask the guy if there was something we need worry about til they can get to it on MONDAY.

So I call 9-1-1..It rings. Rings....I say. Hi Liz at my address....Then I say there is a small fire on the powerline behind our house. ABout 2 inches in diameter. Is that even right????

Haha. So he says the fire department are on their way. WOOT WOOT> They are about 40 seconds literally away from us.

So there they are. So exciting. I was hardly able to contain myself. What a big end to my day.
This burly headed guy comes up to me and they are all surveying the fire as it plumes and enjoys itself up there on the line.

I say what will you do. He says...well we're going to spray it. I say isnt' that dangerous. He says yes well we'll use a FOG stream. That way not a direct line of water.

I was like oooh a fog stream. this is complicated stuff. I said be careful! Thank you for your service.

So they sprayed it. It went out. Sheesh.

Then our electric company came out. This dude was awesome. I was so laughing at him. He was a comedian for sure.

So he comes up on the scene. We directed him. He started his flashlight. It being dark and all.
He isn't saying anything so I'm offering all my knowledge. So the fire department came. They sprayed a fog stream.

He says...They sprayed A WHAT??

I said they sprayed a fog stream.

He says. THe fire department is stupid.

Haha. That's just dangerous. I said Yes they said that. Haha.

So he found the culprit. Apparently you aren't supposed to let trees grow around the powerlines. Go Figure.

He said their company takes care of that though. Silly.

My husband just said hey I'm watching the Olympics in here by myself. You're the one who said you wanted to watch them together. I just had to write this though so there.

Anyway...So it all started with a tree limb. Be careful. If you notice your branches growing into your powerlines, go ahead and call your electric department.

Then the guy tells us and I think thsi is very valuable info.

That a local guy and his son died b/c they attempted to get a burning tree limb off the powerline as it was burning with a 2 X 4. This si wood. And that is just as much as a conducter. So if that happens just call the fire departmetn. Dont' try to do it yourself.

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Crystal said...

Ha! Lots of excitement @ the Burgdorf house! :)