Friday, July 25, 2008

Legally BLonde

So i spent my evening watching youtube stuff on Legally Blonde on Broadway stuff. My old camp freind that was my penpal for years, ended up being best friends with Laura Bundy, the first Legally blonde girl to go on Broadway.

That six degrees of seperation thing really works. It's hilarious to me at times. Anyway if we all sat around and talked about who we knew, we'd end up with someone famous. That means no one is greater. We all need friends no matter where are status in life is.

It's funny that I used to deem status as important. Then I found out sooner than later, Thank my Lord, that just believing that Jesus died for me, was all I needed ..That was a real humbling experience. It sucks tho. I want to be famous.

I want to sing on Broadway. But that is past me now. You know Barlow Girl lead singer wanted to be on Broadway and her sisters and her all had different plans until they found Jesus.

Then they knew they had to sing for him. Now they are famous in our context of famous. But so humble.

This is the balance I must find. I'm young, naive, and irritated. I'm saying what some people think. Maybe just me.

Anyway that's what I spent the evening doing. It's fun. My son is sleeping and my DH is playing video games on the WII. haha.

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