Friday, December 25, 2009

Best Christmas EVER!

This year was amazing. I went to open my presents with my family this morning. Every year, my nan usually gives us all envelopes with money. I was expecting this on this particular year to save for my camera for my new business. I've been borrowing a friends camera to do sessions to save up for my camera. I am half way there. Well this morning I didn't get an envelope. When we were opening our boxes that we get every year, the camera I needed and was saving for was underneath some baby food!!!! I started crying. I haven't been that surprised and happy since my husband asked me to marry him. This business is such a passion of mine. This meant my family believed in me to invest in me and I was so thrilled.

So tonight I used my savings for some business cards and a strap for my camera and a case. I'm so excited!!!

My little guys got some clothes and games and they are content with our new puppy as well. Good times!!

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