Thursday, September 3, 2009

One choice from Together

The new TobyMac cd is coming out in February and this is one of his singles and it's just amazing. I love the sound and the message. CITY ON OUR KNEES

Jesus gave the thief everlasting life right there just before he was about to enter the threshold between life and eternity. He gave him a choice and he gives us all a choice. No matter how bad we have been, how long we have sinned. We have a chance to come together now in this life and become a city on our knees. Why not now and why not here? Why wait till we get more time or more money or just after we finish this one thing. Lets make it a priority today to start now. In attitude, in mind, in spirit. IN all we do.

I'm soooo tired! The baby kept me up all night and no reprieve with any naps today. It was a tough time. One of my friends reached out to me and it was unexpected and very needed. I was angry. And sometimes we're just ANGRy and sometimes we're just not sure what the plan is. But God has a plan. And that is what matters. He loves us.

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